Twist Tie

The idea of drawing garbage came about to encourage people to draw without worrying about choosing the right subject. Don't waste your precious time. Also, drawing garbage is not as intimidating as drawing the things you think everyone else in the world expects you to draw. Don't let the opinion of anyone else scare you out of your daily drawing experience.

You say you can't draw, then you would be right.
You say you can draw, then you would be right.
People who say, "I can," and people who say, "I can't, have a lot in common, they are both right.

If you want to draw, you will. If you do not want to draw, then you are reading the wrong Blog.

Get in the habit of drawing every day. Create a positive addiction. If you are trying to get your mind off negative things that are not good for you, draw. It will help free your mind of annoying thoughts and cravings. I don't feel hungry when I am drawing. That is a very good thing.

Now take a deep breath, clear your mind and scribble like a very young child. Mess up some pages in your journal so you won't be so afraid of the pristine, white paper.
Scribbling is amazingly freeing. It is good for letting frustrations out, like physical exercise. Scribbling is good art therapy. Scribble without reason and with abandon. Relax and let loose. This is a very good warm up exercise. It helps you get into the right side of the brain.

Now do this exercise:
Draw an imaginary vase, filling the whole page. Begin with the left side then try to make the right side match. It is almost impossible. Who cares, you are just practicing making lines. It is only a piece of paper.

Draw another vase. This time make the vase look like two profiles of a face looking at each other.

Faces and Vases is a drawing exercise you will come across in other books. It is a good one.

You are ready to do your garbage drawing of the day. Nothing interesting in your garbage? Check the waste basket or recycle bin at work. Tell a friend to supply something interesting from his or her trash.

Drawing garbage doesn't necessarily mean you have to draw something from the trash basket every time. Go outside, it is autumn, the messiest time of year. Try drawing some leaves or the ugliest tool in the tool box, stuff from under the sink, items in your glove box, check the junk drawer . . . No pressure for perfection.

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