The Talent To Draw Garbage

This is that thing that comes wrapped around the Asian pears

What is Talent? I tell my students that talent is 50% interest and 50% practice. I like to pretend that I know what I am talking about. Occasionally there is the contradiction from someone who  believes talent is something your are born with. 

Here is my way of thinking on the talent issue:
If you are interested in something, you will do it. If you practice it often, you will get better at it.

Another quote to write in your journal:
"We do best what we do most often."

Back to that article in AARP magazine, about the brain learning new things:

". . . Nor are we genetically hardwired with artistic gifts--or a lack of them. Environmental foctors and will power are just as important. "'Genes impact our lives,'" says David Shenk, author of The Genius in All of Us, "'but our lives also impact our genes--the brain changes shape according to the experiences it has . . .The main reason people stagnate is that they limit themselves through their mind-set or habits. Or they simply set their sights too low.'"
(Since Blog posts are in ascending order, see the post under this about the first part of the article in AARP, September/October 2010.)

Start changing the shape of your brain by developing your drawing talent. Practice, practice, practice.

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