Draw Garbage

Used Tea Bag
Are you taking the time for yourself every day? Don't expect to draw well in your first attempts. Don't show your drawings to anyone unless you want to. After practicing every day for only a week, not only will your skill improve, but your confidence to continue will be bolstered. Just think how well you will be drawing in a month. We are the best at what we do most often.

Adults often feel intimidated when it comes to their drawing skills. Attending school every day, when you were growing up, you had to practice reading, writing and math. Did you have an art text book? Did you have drawing homework every school day? You were drawing until you were about 9 then you began to realize you were not as good at it as you thought you should be, so you did not continue. Now you are drawing like a 9 year old. That is to be expected. If you quit reading when you were 9, you might be reading like a 9 year old and it would be even harder to learn to read as an adult.
Do you have a fun sketch book?

 Make sure you have an extra drawing journal for backup when you fill the one you are working in. Invest in good ones or cheap ones, just make sure you have them on hand. Keep one at work, keep one in the car . . . Draw as often as you can. But be sure to practice every day. Don't draw on lined paper.

Personalize your journal, tape your business card on the cover, put a favorite photo in the pages, a picture of your pet, add quotes from famous people. Here is one to start you off:
"Creativity takes courage."
If you do not know this artist, Google him. Give yourself some art history knowledge.

When you try to take a photo of your sketch books, does your cat come and sit on them?
Did you practice the negative exercise from yesterday? If yes, do it again. You might need to make your drawing a little larger than the picture from the catalog. Make sure it is the same proportion.
Click on any photo for a larger view.
Keep drawing, Practice, practice.
Eat your broccoli, do your exercise and draw every day.
You deserve it.


Lauri said...

Not that you'd ever run out of garbage, but I think it would be a fun reward to redraw the same kind of garbage from time to time to see how much your drawing has progressed.The teabag comes to mind because you could squish one into different shapes.

Susan Sorensen said...

You always have such good suggestions! Thanks.