Draw Garbage

Ticket Stub
Drawing of a ticket stub, done while sitting in the doctor's waiting room. My goal for Drawing Garbage is to encourage others to draw things that have no value. Why? So that wanna-bee artists can let go of their love of the subject matter and not be intimidated by the drawing process. Not that anyone must draw actual garbage every time. I pulled this ticket stub off the top of the trash basket this morning. It was the first thing I saw. Part of the goal of Drawing Garbage is to not take long to decide on a subject. Don't over think it.

Do not let the negative mind make you hold out for the perfect thing, then wait for the, "Not Worthy" feelings to set in. "Oh, it is my great grandmother's perfect bud vase, I have to draw it perfectly, I won't do it right, I might as well not try."

Turns out my little piece of trash has some sentimental value. It was from the last show my husband, Sven, and I saw before the theater closed when the economy went bad. Sven found the double stub in the pocket of a coat he hadn't worn for a while. My intentions to Draw Garbage were sincere and now that I have this drawing in my journal, I can throw the actual stub in the garbage.


Anonymous said...

I love that your drawing turned into a double memory. One from the last time you were at the theater and the other of when you were sitting in the waiting room.

Susan Sorensen said...

I actually just did this drawing in the doctor's office this Monday, specifically for this Blog. Doc was able to fit me in, after Art Monday, for a quick look at something that cropped up on my face.