South Africa

Impressions of African animals, masks and designs.
8"X8" acrylic on canvas.

Blyde Canyon, South Africa


"Oh can't you see, there's a bird on me."


Nannis, the zebra, lost her mom when she was very small. The workers at the hunting lodge, where we were staying, fed her and she became a pet. Nannis likes hanging out with the horses and follows the people that feed them. We were able to pet her.


Water buck
Ground Hornbill


Wart Hog
While visiting one of the reserves in South Africa, a tame wart hog wandered among us while we were afoot. She rolled over for us to rub her tummy. She reminded us of Pumbaa, from Disney's Lion King.

All South Africa paintings are acrylic, 8"X8"
Koedoe, pronounced Ku-Du, AKA The Grey Ghost cause the hunters have a hard time spotting them if they do not move. They are that well camouflaged. And they taste pretty darn good.
We saw these elephants crossing down river while standing on the bridge. Probably the only animal we saw more of than elephants was impala or Rooibok , the Afrikaans name. Our guide said they also refer to them as "Again bok," cause in the attempt to find animals for a photo safari, Impala are spotted again, and again, and again . . . sometimes in numbers up to 2,000,000. Oh my! Hard to believe. We never saw more than about 30 at one time.
There is nothing wrong with your monitor. There really is a rainbow across the Rhino faces. If your are curious, Email me and ask.
Cheeky monkeys everywhere. We saw a lot of monkeys but didn't touch any.