Ornamental Kale
The garnish from my plate. I saved it from going in the garbage at the restaurant.

If you can force yourself to ignore your eraser, you will learn to draw much faster. The eraser is confirming your suspicions that you might fail. It is very negative in the attempt to build your drawing skills. I thought I could draw well until I decided to only carry a pen with my journal. I was amazed at how much I improved.

You will learn to draw when you,
  1. Draw Garbage, that is, things you aren't closely attached to. If your subject matter is not intimidating, it will be easier to draw.
  2. Carry a drawing journal with you everywhere and draw in it as much as possible.
  3. Relax before you draw. Get comfortable, do some deep breathing and a warm up scribble.
  4. Look at the object of the drawing more than you look at your paper.
  5. Pay attention to the negative shapes around your subject.
  6. Draw without erasing.
  7. Think of the blank, white page as an invitation to scribble.
  8. Practice, practice practice.
Scribble instead of erasing.
Make your first few lines on the paper very lightly. Don't get hung up on tiny details at first. Establish the entire outer shape before drawing interior shapes.

Look at the space surrounding the subject, the negative space. Do your drawing as if you are actually drawing the negative space. 

Look at your paper less and less. Look hard at the object as you draw carefree. Go back over your lines to make changes. Continue drawing without erasing.
If you find yourself making short scratchy lines as you draw the outer shape of the subject, challenge yourself to outline the entire thing without lifting the pencil or pen from the page. Smile. It is fun.

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