Not To Old To Draw

Plastic Cup
I was asked if my art instruction is for children or adults. I replied, "Yes."

I have never used different methods for teaching children and adults. If you were learning a musical instrument as a child or an adult, you would be learning the same way. So it is with drawing. With musical instruments, you are training your ears and your hands. Learning drawing, you are training your eyes and your hands.

I was reading an article in AARP magazine (Yes, I am old.) about people developing artistic skills, both musical or visual arts. I would like to quote it here:

"Studies of brain plasticity--the life-long ability of our gray matter to adapt to changing demands-- are proving that our creative horizons need not narrow with age. "'We never lose the potential to learn new things as we grow older,"" says Gay Hanna, head of the National Center for Creative Aging. "'In fact, we can master new skills and be creative all our lives.'"

Great news!  No matter what your age, if you want to learn to draw, it is never too late.

Did you draw yesterday? Don't miss out on a day to strengthen your hand-eye skills. Draw something, quickly, right now!

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