Draw fruit peelings from the garbage.

Mandarin Orange Peel
As I was saying in the last post, the topic of figure drawing has popped up. I know it is scary, but inevitable, because it is the most important practice to increase your drawing skills, ever. You may choose to avoid the human form, but I encourage you to try. "Creativity takes courage."

Here is another quote for your journal:
"Artists should remember that being able to draw the human form is the acid test of ones capabilities."

Makes it sound even more scary, huh? Just the opposite of all the things I have been telling you so far, "Draw garbage, things that don't matter." Don't let your mind set your limits too low.

Lets start with your own hands and feet. Your head is in a good place to view them, literally.
Your right hand might be too hard, if you are right handed because your right hand is in motion during your drawing exercise. Motion will be your next assignment.

 Get comfortable, have your favorite beverage at hand, relax your shoulders, breath deeply for a few seconds, clear your mind of busy junk, scribble around for a warm up exercise. Maybe do your garbage sketch first, something simple and fast. Start by putting your hand on the paper and tracing it, because you know that is what you want to do. Now turn the page and get real. Try many different poses.
Don't just draw your hands and feet one time and think you are done. You will need to draw them hundreds of times over the next few years.  Many cities have a group that meets once a week for figure drawing. Anyone can drop in, for a fee to pay a nude model, no instruction, bring art materials of your choice. You should eventually look for this and give it a try. In Sacramento, there is one at S12 Gallery.

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