How to Draw

Creamer cups,
drawn while hanging out in a restaurant, waiting for an appointment.

How to Draw
(2 simple steps)
  1. Carry a sketch book with you and practice drawing everything, everywhere. Draw, draw, draw.
  2. Repeat step one with passion until you become expert. We do well what we do most often. The End.

And while you are learning to draw, here are some pointers.
  • You must be looking at your object. Otherwise you are cartooning. You cannot draw what you cannot see, unless you have a totally photographic memory.
  • Tracing objects from photos will quickly put you in touch with the abstract shapes of reality.
  • Working from the actual object is the best practice. Especially if it is human.
  • The more you know an object, the harder it is to draw because objects are 3 dimensional. The curves and angles are frustrating to think about. Instead you must force yourself to look upon your object as a flat shape. Tracing from photos lets you see things as simple shapes. Look upon your object with your eyes almost closed and out of focus. It is called,"Squinting." Squint till you almost cannot see and concentrate on simple shapes. This is training the eye. It takes lots of practice.
  • Compare the size of one shape to another. Appearances are deceiving. The diameter of the top of the drinking glass might look like a shorter distance than the height of the glass, however, it might be the same or greater distance.
  • The size and shape of the space in between objects (negative space) is just as important as the objects themselves. Draw the negative space as if it is an important object.
  • Take drawing classes from more than one teacher. Pretend to be the most inexperienced person in the class and you will get the most help, not only from the teacher, but the other students. The student with the best drawing skill is the least popular.
  • Learn to draw by drawing often. Practice, practice, parctice.
Cherries 'N Heels, oil, 6"X6"
My friend, Lauri, found these crazy shoes at the Salvation Army. We are looking for someone who can fit into a size 5 to model them for us.


Stephanie Berry said...

Good tips for drawing. Your drawings are really good. I've decided drawing is harder than painting.

Nora MacPhail said...

I love your little coffee creamers!
Happy Sketching,