Draw Garbage

Cough Drop Package

Draw Garbage to shake loose the fear of producing perfection.
Keep a drawing journal. Draw something, anything, everyday.
Commit to something you love. Practice often. Do not neglect your own desire. Give yourself this gift.
Draw the things you see lying about. Don't waste time looking for perfection. Practice now.

I took an oil painting workshop in Sedona from Carol Marine. I highly recommend Carol's workshops. I feel that I can die happy now. It was that good. These eight pears were 7 minute studies, 7 minutes per pear. We were allowed to choose our own subject.
Pears 1, oil  6"X6"
Pears 2, oil 6"X6"

 The next painting is from an exercise where the goal was to mix a different color for each brush stroke. I really enjoyed it. Very good practice.
Pear, oil 8"X10"
 Pair of Shoes, oil 6"X6"
 Pear and Bottles, oil 6"X6"
Something Doesn't Belong, oil 6"X6"

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