Learn to draw by drawing a series of things

Learn to draw by playing. If you stopped drawing, I mean really drawing with enjoyment, with abandon, without harshly judging yourself, when you were a child, then your art ability is still a child. Be kind to your art spirit. Let it play. Treat yourself to a new box of crayons and play with blank paper. Draw things that only matter to you. Make designs from your imagination. Take a deep breath, let out a happy sigh of relief. You are relieved that no one is judging your marks on paper.
Playing with crayons, or some other fun color something that will make sparkling, delightful marks on paper is a good warm up exercise.
Now study an item of interest. Draw it with your eyes first. Compare the negative shapes (the area that is not the object) to the positive shapes (the object.) Get into a comfortable position. Make sure your legs are comfortable.  After you have studied the object, draw while you smile and breath deeply, relaxing your shoulders.
Draw a series
Get to know your subject matter.
Practice drawing the same thing from different angles or draw another of the same kind of thing, such as 4 different banana peelings.

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