Pond 9

Mary Wang suggested the elimination of the koi on the left of the large lily. Photoshop again.
Back to Thursday with Kathy, I received the suggestion to put lily pads going off into the distance, which I did as well as paint out the small lily and goldfish on the left.

Now I am thinking the painting has become too simplified.

Left to myself, I went back to the source, the actual pond. After observing for a while, I decided to put the partially opened lily back, after I had actually painted it out. And I decided it needed the company of two lily buds. But does it need the dragonfly, which was my main purpose for doing the pond? Only two people want the dragonfly in this painting, Josephine and Gini. Sorry girls. That will be a diffenent painting.

During a follow up critique with Steve Memering, who by the way never had an issue with the small lily, I received the suggestion to calm down the receding lily pads. I had originally painted them as bright and detailed as the ones in front.

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